Undercore isn't a "Tower Defence", not a "Clicker", not even "RPG" or "Dungeon" whatever it is. Its Arcade. And it's absolutely hardcore! You should be insane to play this game...

Heavens never was that close. If you know what i mean c:

○ Improve your skills - the way will be rough, how high can you get?
○ Contest - your friend hit 40 points? Double score and make him jealous!
○ Collect - buy new color themes that would make the gameplay brighter!
○ Got bored? - it doesn't matter if you became the GOD of normal game or just looking for some new experience. Try new modes, they are even more impressive >:)
○ Achieve - beat records, die, earn. Collect achivements. No pain no gain.
○ Find your love - Cause God loves everyone.

Fidget Spinners? Subway? Dash? Smash? Forget about all of it! Undercore its your only choise! 

Prepare for the pain you can get, but as always remember "Tears won't help!"

With love, HIGH PAW ♥

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